BPO has access to all of the latest technology in the Prosthetic and Orthotic industry. We incorporate all of the latest technology into our prosthetics and orthotics where appropriate to achieve the best possible function, comfort and safety for our clients. BPO specializes and has extensive experience in high end technology such as:

  • Microprocessor controlled knees including C-Leg, Genium and Rel-K.
  • Myo-electric upper limb prosthetics such as iLimb Digits, iLimb Revolution and dynamic arm
  • High functioning dynamic response feet
  • Latest orthotic bracing devices
  • Material Technology including carbon fibre, silicon, gel and thermoplastics


Gait Analysis

At BPO we are excited to offer our clients a Clinical Movement Data System. This provides tangible gait analysis information for immediate feedback and solutions for your specific needs. By using this technology we are able to analyse and improve a client’s gait pattern.

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