Off The Shelf

Orthosis - Externally applied device used to modify/support the structural and functional characteristics of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.


Clincial Orthotists

Brisbane Prosthetics and Orthotics clinical Orthotists are degree qualified (Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics) specialists in assessing your individual needs.

Our detailed understanding of anatomy and the effects of bio-mechanical forces acting on the body, in conjunction with a vast understanding of material properties allows BPO to assist all of your Orthopaedic bracing requirements.

What is an "off the shelf" orthosis?

Off the shelf devices are generic orthotics which are mass produced. These are generally made from materials which can be easily adjusted for fitting. Off the shelf devices offer an alternative to custom made orthotics for clients with minor deformities as assessed by an Orthotist.

Off the shelf orthotics include:

  • Fracture boots used to aid in the healing of fractures in the ankle or foot
  • Unloading knee braces commonly used in osteoarthritis
  • Supportive knee braces for ligament instabilites
  • Supportive ankle braces for use in sport to prevent recurrent injury.
  • Prefabricated foot orthoses for minor deformities of the foot.